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SynDiag is The Best Syndromal Diagnosis Computer Program

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The program SynDiag is intended for help in diagnosing of:

1. MCA/MR syndromes of different etiology
2. Skeletal dysplasias
3. Ectodermal dysplasias
4. Some systemic anomalies

Options and Structure of the SynDiag program:

    SynDiag (version 4.2) is the diagnostic program, working under MS Windows 98-2000(NT)-XP operating systems.
    SynDiag is intended for diagnosing MCA/MR syndromes of different etiology (monoge-nic, chromosomal, teratogenic, etc.), ectodermal and skeletal dysplasias, some systemic complexes.
    The program can also be used as a textbook on syndromology and is intended for every physician, who contacts with malformed patients in their practice.

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last edited on September 14, 2004...

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